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Everyone loves a flatscreen TV, but does yours sound, er, a little flat? Have you thought about adding a soundbar? The very best soundbars can pack impressive audio into a package small enough to sit in front of your TV. Before you buy, you should bear in mind the dimensions of your TV and just how big your new soundbar needs to be. You don't want it to be dwarfed by the screen, but then again, it could look strange partnering a huge bar with a tiny TV. Track down the specs and compare the bar's width with that of your TV.

Best soundbars for TV shows, movies and music in 2020

Also, check the height — if you need to place the soundbar in front of your TV, you don't want it obstructing the picture. Next, you need to turn your attention to features. Have a think about the content you'll be viewing and the sources you'll be plugging in. Below, we've rounded up the best soundbars for a range of different budgets. All of them are simple to install and will allow you to up your audio game without needing lots of speakers and cables that will just clutter up your living room.

See all our soundbar reviews. Sound formats: Dolby Digital 5. Judging on a sound-per-pound basis, the five-star Sonos Beam is currently the best soundbar you can buy.

This is an affordable soundbar that could transform your listening experience. It's small, light and will fit in front of most TVs. You can wall-mount the Beam, although the optional bracket is pricey. Sound quality is superb. Inside, four full-range drivers, one tweeter, three passive radiators and five class-D amplifiers help to drive sound around your room for a more immersive, cinematic experience.

The width, depth and three-dimensionality of the sound smashes expectations. Probably not. This should meet most people's needs perfectly. Read the full review: Sonos Beam. Build-quality is good, too — it's clear that JBL has crafted this model to its usual high standards of aesthetic modernity. Given its petite size it's 60cm long and 6cm tallthe scale of the JBL's sound is a little restricted, but it still delivers a confident sound with plenty of detail, clear dialogue and punchy, rich bass at the bottom end.

You also get JBL Surround Sound, an in-house technology designed to replicate the wrap-around sound of a 5. It might not be a market-leader, but for the money, this is a superb buy for an impressive all-rounder. The result is that the Sennheiser delivers a sound big enough not to need its own subwoofer, with clear, direct dialogue and detail and subtlety in spades.

The way it stretches the sound around you creates a great atmosphere and really draws you into the action. To get the full Dolby Atmos effect, you'll need to wall-mount or position the soundbar on the top shelf of your rack, so the upward-firing speakers aren't obstructed. It's well worth the effort, though. For those who want convincing 3D sound without the speakers, this the best soundbar with a premium price tag that we've ever tested.Untuk benar2 mengalami situs LG.

Website LG. Dalam rangka untuk mendapatkan yang terbaik mungkin pengalaman situs LG. COM kami silahkan ikuti petunjuk di bawah ini. Jika Anda menggunakan Internet Explorer 8 atau lebih awal, Anda akan perlu untuk menggunakan penelusur alternatif seperti Firefox atau Chrome atau meningkatkan ke versi yang lebih baru dari internet Explorer IE9 atau lebih besar.

Jika Anda menggunakan Internet Explorer 9 dan lebih tinggimematikan " Kompatibilitas Lihat Pengaturan " Explorer penelusur Internet Anda dengan langkah-langkah di bawah ini sebagai berikut:. Dapatkan kualitas suara blu-ray yang akan memenuhi ruangan anda dengan Soundbars LG yang berukuran kecil dengan suara yang besar.

Sangat simple dan serba guna, dapat diletakan dibawah TV atau digantung pada tembok. Sound Bar Audio Resolusi Tinggi 5. Sound Bar High Res Audio 4.

Sound Bar Audio Resolusi Tinggi 2. Dapatkan rincian. Kami dapat membantu menjawab pertanyaan seputar produk, perawatan, penggunaan, perbaikan, dan pemeliharaan produk LG Anda.

Senin — Jumat : Kirim pesan ke LG Customer service dan Support. Jika Anda menggunakan Internet Explorer 9 dan lebih tinggimematikan " Kompatibilitas Lihat Pengaturan " Explorer penelusur Internet Anda dengan langkah-langkah di bawah ini sebagai berikut: Klik kanan di bagian atas browser Anda dan pastikan " Menu Bar " opsi yang dipilih Pilih " Alat2" dari menu bar dan kemudian pilih " Kompatibilitas Lihat Pengaturan " Dalam menu muncul hapus centang semua tiga kotak dan klik " Tutup" Jendela penelusur Anda secara otomatis akan menyegarkan dan Anda akan siap untuk pergi.

Bagi Pengguna akhir Bagi Pemilik Usaha. Selamat datang Keluar. Soundbars LG Dapatkan kualitas suara blu-ray yang akan memenuhi ruangan anda dengan Soundbars LG yang berukuran kecil dengan suara yang besar. Soundbars Dapatkan kualitas suara blu-ray yang akan memenuhi ruangan anda dengan Soundbars LG yang berukuran kecil dengan suara yang besar. Lokasi Pembelian. Jelajahi fitur-fitur dari Soundbars LG yang akan membuat hiburan di rumah anda menjadi sangat berbeda: Galeri Suara LG: Tersedia pada Blu-ray soundbars tertentu, fitur ini memungkinkan anda untuk dapat memilih dari tujuh genre suara untuk menikmati keindahan akustik.

Desain Ramping yang Revolusioner : fitur soundbars LG dengan design yang ultra ramping dapat menyesuaikan dengan segala jenis dekorasi. Ditambah, Soundbars LG menawarkan berbagai gaya pemasangan yang memudahkan anda untuk memaksimalkan penggunaan ruang dan meningkatkan konfigurasi sistem entertainment anda.

Soundbars LG dilengkapi dengan system Hi Fi dan dapat memainkan music dari MP3 Player atau perangkat audio lainnya, anda juga dapat menyimpan audio dari CD ke MP3 atau USB dan perangkat lainnya, tidak hanya itu soundbars ini juga dilengkapi dengan desain yang sangat ramping sehingga tidak memakan banyak ruang.

Best soundbars 2020: the best TV speakers you can buy

Kapanpun anda mendengarkan musik atau menonton TV soundbars LG akan selalu membuat anda terkagum dengan kualitas suara blu-ray. Anda juga dapat menemukan peralatan lainnya dari LG seperti Mikro Hi Fi yang canggih lebih dari apa yang dapat anda bayangkan.Experience high resolution audio with incredible detail and clarity on the LG Soundbar. The LG Soundbar makes every movie come alive in your living room with its impressive sound quality and output.


Whether you are watching your favourite TV show or new-release movie it just became a lot more enjoyable. It also means you can place the speakers in the best locations around your room to maximise the sound effects and bring every movie or TV show to life.

The impressive W RMS power and 2. So when you are gaming against your friends the intensified audio will make you play harder and drive you to be the ultimate player. It is also perfect for when friends come over and you want some fun background music playing. Add volume, depth and clarity to the soundtrack in your home entertainment space. Also take control of your connected home as this soundbar is Google Assistant compatible1.

Access your favourite content, search up answers and control your lights all from your soundbar! You have found Eddie the Elf! Unfortunately the competition is now closed. Keep an eye out for him next year! LG Soundbar. Buy now. Leave a Review.

Share Share. Height mm. Width mm. Depth mm. Weight kg. Compatible with e. Apple iOS, Android. Amplifier Type.

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High Res Audio. Voice Control. Additional Features. Built-In Chromecast. Smart Control.

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Display Type. Dimmable Display.

lg soundbars test

Surround Sound Format e.This LG soundbar implements Dolby Atmos well, which makes the basic sonic flaws in its performance all the more disappointing. And it seems LG could do with a little reminder of that.

Those upward-firing drivers aim to make the most of Atmos soundtracks by increasing the height of the soundfield, which they do very well indeed. The problem is that the LG falls short in more basic sonic areas. Voices have substance, volume is abundant and action scenes have a sense of pace and emergency to them. The SL9YG races through the soundtrack that scores the wolf hunt in Mowgliwhile the subwoofer makes the most of the elephant stampedes and Shere Khan's growls.

They are lacking in presence, clarity and insight and the tonal balance feels skewed, no matter how much we play with the EQ settings. Ultimately, we are left craving a more solid, warmer and smoother sound.

While the soundfield certainly beams in every direction, the presentation feels shy to come out towards your listening position, let alone further out into a room. There are network streaming smarts and built in wi-fi, trumping many of its rivals, including our favourite at this price, the Dali. A USB socket completes the connections list. The top touch buttons and front-facing LED display are discretely placed too. However, at cm wide, it looks right at home sat in front of 50in and 65in sets too.

LG clearly has designs on being at the forefront of soundbar technology, and the Dolby Atmos certification on the SL9YG — and a number of its premium soundbars — is designed to create the most immersive audio experience from the convenience and relative affordability of a single bar. But unfortunately, in our eyes, the SL9YG is an example of a soundbar trying to run before it can walk.

Best soundbars Read our Dali Kubik One review. What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Home Reviews. Our Verdict This LG soundbar implements Dolby Atmos well, which makes the basic sonic flaws in its performance all the more disappointing. Against Integration issue between bar and sub Lacks dynamism and punch Slight hard edge.Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about.

Think your TV's sound sucks? We don't blame you. These soundbars will transform your movie nights into a theater quality experience. A link has been sent to your friend's email address.

A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Most TVs have two watt speakers, giving them a total audio "power" of 20 watts.

For comparison, most smartphones have about 1. But with TVs delivering bigger and fancier screen sizes every year 55 inches has become the average TV size in the USthe need for big sound to match big screens has only grown. That's where soundbars—compact audio devices that deliver hundreds of watts of sound—come in. If you've got a mid-range or even a high-end TV, spending a few hundred on a soundbar can truly make the difference between a good movie night, and one that knocks your socks off.

However, we checked out over a dozen of the most widely praised and well-reviewed soundbars on the market right now and found sound quality and features for every budget. The Sonos Beam is one of the most popular soundbars around with good reason.

The first thing I noticed about the Beam is that it takes an altogether different approach than many of the other soundbars we tested. For one, there's no included external subwoofer. There's also no Bluetooth functionality—casting music wirelessly to the Beam requires interfacing with it through the Sonos app and using WiFi.

lg soundbars test

The Beam withdraws some avenues of accessibility for the sake of consistent streaming quality and, probably, a feeling of exclusivity and security.

Rather than feeling like an oversight, it feels like Sonos' expression of confidence that the Beam is a product that's worth a less open system.

If this feels like a bit of an analog to the philosophical differences behind Apple and Windows computers, that has been my takeaway as well. But beyond the feeling of well-crafted design and a more "closed" streaming atmosphere, the Beam is our favorite soundbar because its audio quality is really spectacular.

Whether you're watching a movie or listening to music, the Beam just sounds great, delivering good frequency presence from bass to treble. It's easy to adjust for various musical genres, and despite that there's no external subwoofer, there's plenty of bass presence for such a compact bar. But if there are two things Sonos seems to have a great grasp on, it's sound quality and fostering a tight functionality ecosystem, and that shines through with the Beam.The 4.

Pulling away the top layer of foam reveals a sexy rectangle of sound, layered in faux brushed metal and stretching more than inches long and 5. At just over 2-inches high, though, the SL9 fits easily beneath most TVs — just make sure your TV stand is long enough.

lg soundbars test

It may not look like much, but this unassuming cabinet harbors a full wagon train of horsepower foreshadowing. The app found the SL9 instantly, but our network had trouble connecting, and the app froze in an attempted update. As mentioned, the SL9 is loaded, including watts of total power, with watts in the sub alone and the other watts spread between the stereo front channels, dual height channels on top, and side-mounted rear-surround drivers designed to bounce sound off your walls for better immersion.

In its stead is a USB port at the back for directly sourcing hi-res audio files. Assistant allows you to not only control playback from streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music, and Pandora no Apple Music herebut also to perform broader queries, from accessing your calendar to checking the weather.

The Movie mode is much louder than the other modes. EQ allows you to control bass and treble, of course, but also to tune the different channel levels — once you make out the odd abbreviations LG uses, that is.

One other strange quirk: The Movie mode is much louder than the other modes. Indeed, they are, but LG claims this allows for a purposeful double bounce: First, the sound bounces off your floor, then off your ceiling, then finally lands in your ears. Opt for a more refined surround sound source, however, and watch it take flight.

Our Dolby Atmos demo disc is always a fun test case, and we were not disappointed when we called up the first demo, Amaze. A vivid jungle scene that eventually erupts into a hearty thunderstorm, Amaze is tuned to impress, but we were still surprised at just how much spherical motion the SL9 was able to perform from just its front position. We had similar experiences with the other demos, only nominally wishing for more rear surround immersion.

One of the toughest scenes in the film occurs when Bond catches up with his antagonist — played disturbingly by Javier Bardem — in the London underground. An explosion opens the tunnel and in falls an entire subway train in a crunch of shrieking metal, bellowing explosives, and clattering concrete debris, all rendered cleanly and without distortion.

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The helicopter at the climax was similarly noteworthy, the powerful rotors whipping through the room with vibrant realism, ending in a window-shaking explosion. The SL9 is less impressive when turning to music, especially when it comes to brash cymbals, which tend to break up oddly, as if the system is receiving a poor MP3 file even over Wi-Fi with Spotify Connect. Still, like a lot of cinematic systems, music is clearly an afterthought here.

The SL9YG comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor. DT Recommended Product. A sexy rectangle of sound, layered in faux brushed metal. Brash cymbals tend to break up oddly, as if the system is receiving a poor MP3 file. The best speakers for 1 day ago. The best soundbars for 2 days ago. The best streaming devices for 2 days ago. The best soundbar deals for April Bose, Samsung, Sonos 4 days ago.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

One of the dirty secrets of the home theater industry is that most modern TVs — even the fancy 4K models — have terrible speakers. We believe in looking at products from all angles — the pros, the cons, and the compromises — and helping our readers make the best choices based on their needs. Keep reading for our take on LG soundbars. Then, when you have an idea of what features you need and how much you want to spend, check out the table above to see which models we recommend most.

Soundbars have one job: to make your TV and movies sound as good as they look. Dolby Digital is the most common digital surround format available. A Dolby Digital signal can carry sound information for as many as eight speakers, but it can also work through as little as one speaker.

Most broadcast television — including TV accessed through a cable box — comes with Dolby Digital audio. Best of all, Dolby Atmos is dynamic, so the setup process will calibrate to your specific viewing area and create the perfect soundscape for the environment.

When LG soundbars list support for Dolby Atmos, that means they include two to four additional up-firing speakers which will simulate the effect of ceiling speakers. Dolby Atmos is currently found on 4K Blu-rays and some streaming services, and make no mistake, it represents a huge step forward from prior audio formats.

5 Best Soundbars for LG TVs (2020 Review)

It features uncompressed audio in up to eight speakers. For example, if a center channel is playing dialog as well as music or additional background audio, DTS:X can isolate the dialog and increase the relative volume.

With other formats, you can adjust the entire volume of the center channel, but DTS:X takes it to a new level of specificity. Casting is a bit simpler than Bluetooth, and it yields better-quality audio. You may find an LG soundbar that supports 4. If you already own an LG device with Google Assistant built in, you can use that to control your LG soundbar with voice commands. When properly linked, you can ask your existing LG device to adjust the volume on or even mute your LG soundbar.

LG offers a wide variety of soundbars in a broad range of price points. We love the Bluetooth connectivity and how easy it is to mount on the wall, and 2. Measure the horizontal width of your TV before shopping for a soundbar. Once you know how wide your set is, you can then get a sense of how big of a soundbar to buy.

If you plan to mount your LG soundbar to a wall, make sure you are drilling into the studs behind the wall for optimal stability. Yes, for the most part. While any type of wireless speaker comes with the risk of occasional static or wireless interference, the wireless subwoofers included with LG soundbars are just as powerful and expressive as their wired counterparts.

Many soundbars use up-firing speakers and echolocation technology to simulate surround effects, so it will sound like audio is coming from behind you or moving around the room.

However, because every viewing room has unique acoustics, simulated surround will sound better in some locations than others. You can if your turntable has a built-in preamp. If a record player will be part of your soundbar setup, make sure to buy a soundbar that has RCA inputs. Reasonable price point for excellent quality audio.

lg soundbars test

Supports high-resolution audio.

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